News / 05 Jul 2022


It is said that mountains separate communities and nations, but mountains can also unite them.  This happened on the night of 2 July 2022, when the Basque and Catalan Peoples held a joint event (Pyrenean Way, Pirinioetako Bidea in Basque and Via Pirinenca in Catalan), an event to light up more than 300 peaks in the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic Ocean (Basque Country) to the Mediterranean (Catalonia), forming a 440-kilometre line of light. A spectacular event, to demand the right of self-determination for Catalonia and the Basque Country, and, by extension, for all stateless nations in Europe.

News / 21 Jun 2022

Summary. Conference 'Education and Language' in the European Parliament.

Language and Education is a 'hot topic' for many european countries and milions of European citizens.

Europeans whose national languages have to struggle with both: the increasing anglicisation of the educational system and/or the state violence suffered in a daily basis without an independent state of their own to defend their culture.

News / 09 Jun 2022

'Brief history of the language struggle in Flemish education'

It took half a century before the first steps were taken and the complete Dutchification of Flanders took more than a hundred years.

After the struggle for Dutch, now against English?

News / 02 Jun 2022

Celebrating IATZ! 2022

Representatives from other European countries (Catalonia, FlanderS, Scotland, Veneto) are invited to tell us South Tyroleans about their situation and, last but not least, to celebrate together with us.

Freedom and Independence

News / 25 May 2022

'Catalan language, an ongoing political battlefield'

The response of the independentist parties of the Catalan Government is to agree with Spanish Goverment parties a proposal to avoid an open confrontation with the state.

The problem is not only in Madrid but also in Barcelona.

News / 18 May 2022

European Parliament Conference on Language & Education

ICEC and VVB bring concerns to the European Parliament.

In recent months, you could read various contributions on the ICEC website, Twitter and Facebook page about the education and language situation in the ICEC countries. 

With this knowledge built up over months, we are now going to the European Parliament in Brussels.

News / 12 May 2022

"Venetian is a language and not a dialect"

Our fifth article is a bold vindication in favour of the Veneta language.

To explain the difficult situation of the Venetian language starting from the fact that to Italy this language does not exist.

News / 02 May 2022

'History of Welsh language'

Our fourth article allows us to learn about the history of the Welsh language as well as very positive current usage trends!!

Millions of Europeans/UK citizens are not allowed to live their language in normality in their motherland.


News / 16 Apr 2022

"Between progress and new challenges"

Language is one of the most important characteristics of any culture, so the educational system of any country is one of the most sensitive areas. 

One basic demand is an objective teaching of Tyrolean history in South Tyrolean schools.


News: NAIZ / 27 Mar 2022

Academic recognition to the Ikastolak of Iparralde

In the Basque Country under French rule (Northern Basque Country or Iparralde), the Basque language is not official. In the French state, the only official language is French. Therefore, in French public schools, it is impossible to study entirely in a language other than French.

For this reason, private schools (parents' cooperatives) were created in 1969 in the North Basque Country so that children could study entirely in Basque. These are the so-called ikastolak, which already existed in the Southern Basque Country.

In The North Basque Country there are currently 38 ikastolak, which provide schooling for more than 4,000 children and young people (15% of primary school students attend ikastolak). It is possible to study in ikastolak from infancy to university entrance.

In Baiona, the capital of Iparralde, the network of ikastolak has a Lycée (higher education) in which some 400 young Basques study: the Lycée Bernart Etxepare. Well, this Lyceum has been recognized this year as the best Lyceum among the 2,315 lyceums of the French state. A recognition that demonstrates that in addition to a firm commitment to the Basque language and culture, the ikastolas offer an innovative and quality education.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more parents in The North Basque Country are choosing to provide their children with a comprehensive education in Basque.

News appeared in the Basque press (in Basque) about the distinction received by the Liceo Bernart Etxepare:


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