News / 03 Dec 2023

Judicial offensive against the Basque language

Judicial offensive against the Basque language. Huge demonstration in Bilbao: over 70,000 people demanded an end to court rulings against the Basque language

News / 24 Nov 2023

ICEC - Reception at the Flemish President's Office, Jan Jambon

ICEC - Reception at the Flemish President's Office

Jan Jambon congratulated ICEC intl work:

'Keep the good work for Independence!'

News / 24 Nov 2023

ICEC - European Parliament: Seven short films to explain seven captive nations

Successful ICEC conference 2023 in the European Parliament

'Peaceful Agreements or Bloody Papers?'

Seven short films to explain seven captive nations.

News / 28 Oct 2023

Conference: 'Peaceful Agreements or Bloody Papers?'

ICEC - European Parliament conference 2023

The advocacy for independence for european nations from old imperial occupations.

News / 15 Jun 2023


The language declined, in particular, following the triumph of British capitalism in erasing 2 million people from Ireland during the years of the Great Famine of 1845-52.

News / 27 Apr 2023

'Silesia without Silesians'

Not all language struggles are of those fighting for their own state

Silesians aim for the recognisition of Silesian as a regional language

News / 17 Mar 2023


Sardinian is the language used by parents to teach their children to express themselves.

Sardinian has become the language of primary socialization

News / 23 Feb 2023


20 years have elapsed since the Spanish Civil Guard wielding their guns shut down the daily Euskaldunon Egunkaria, that way crushing the only daily written in Basque. Besides closing the newspaper, 10 staff members were subject to detention, torture and charged with ‘terrorism’. 

The Basque Country was home to different kinds of violence during the period. ETA staged one such violence in response to the Spanish occupation. The Spanish state carried out violence in a dimension that could only be expected in colonial situations, i.e. persecution of Basque language activism, outlawing of political parties, the closure of media outlets, demonstrations banned, arrest and imprisonment of political leaders, etc. The whole scope of Basque culture came under suspicion, with the Spanish state committing a variety of abuses under the fanciful banner of “Everything is ETA” that paved the grounds to the violent attack on Euskaldunon Egunkaria.

Several years on after the closure of the media outlet, in 2010, the very Spanish Justice and Administration decided that the detentions of 10 paper staff were actually groundless, determining this time that they held no ties with ETA. In 2012, the European Court of Human Rights condemned Spain for failing to launch a probe on the newspaper’s director Martxelo Otamendi’s torture allegations.

The daughter of one of the 10 arrested workers of the Basque newspaper wrote an emotional article 5 years ago (on the 15th anniversary of those sad events) for the Basque nationalist group "Naziogintza". With the express authorization of Naziogintza ( we reproduce that article.


News / 25 Jan 2023

'Brittany / Breizh / Bretagne / Bertègn'

In Brittany as elsewhere, visibility in public space has been an essential factor in language revitalisation.

Under french rule, Breton and Gallo speakers have suffered intense government discrimination.

News / 21 Dec 2022

'Portuguese in Galiza requires determined political action'

Portuguese, the historical language of the nation of Galiza in the spanish state is by no means a "small" language, in the predatory logic of language domination.

Only collective political action could reverse the current loss 


If you want peace, prepare for war