Conference: 'Peaceful Agreements or Bloody Papers?'

28 Oct 2023

ICEC - European Parliament conference 2023

The advocacy for independence for european nations from old imperial occupations.

ICEC - European Parliament conference 2023

16th November - Brussels

Speakers from: Scotland, Catalan countries, Flanders, Wales, Veneto, Euskal Herria and South Tyrol.

'Peacefull Agreements or Bloody Papers?'

A bold conference aiming to showcase the few and thin documents used for centuries by powerful european imperialist states to chain and submit many european nations to their militar and political domination. 

Writtings assumed as legal back then despite the outreagous circumstances that lead to them, currently still in use today to justify many unresolved national realities because of / thanks to the lack of any democratic historical review to try and ammend such cultural attrocities ocurred alongside an infinite number of peoples rights vulneration. 

The continuity in present time of such state violence against captured nations is being challenged today by democratic freedom movements around europe because...

There won't be Peace without Justice, nor Justice without Freedom.