Press / 14 Aug 2021

South tyrol, international guest of 53th edition of UCE (Catalan Summer University).

Autonomy vs self-determination. The case of South Tyrol.

The international focus of the 53th edition of the "Universitat Catalana d'Estiu (UCE)" will offer to its audience an in-depth overview on South Tyrol self-determination fight. The responsable for UCE's international area, Anna Arqué, and this year's international guest: Cristian Kollman, secretary of the Süd-Tiroler Freiheit will conduct this year's 'international conversation'.

Tuesday, 17th of August, 17:00h (Brussels time), in Prada de Conflent. The event will be live streamed on UCE's youtube channel.

We recommend to follow reading to find the comprenhensive PDF file "Autonomy vs Self.determination. The case of South Tyrol".

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Press / 12 Aug 2021

Orson Welles and the Basque Country

Many articles and books have been written by Spanish pseudo-intellectuals trying to explain what they call "the Basque conflict". The explanation is simpler, and it is summed up very well by the great Orson Welles, in this documentary he made in 1955 about the Basque Country: "The Basques are neither Spanish nor French, they are just Basques". Thank you very much for explaining it so well, Master Welles.

Press / 13 Jul 2021

ICEC celebrates its 10th anniversary for self-determination and independence!

The International Commission of European Citizens, ICEC, which was established to campaign for the rights of European stateless nations to democratic self-determination, is ten years old.  ICEC has created a network of grass-roots groups to give mutual support, exchange information and promote democratic rights.

Press / 13 Jul 2021

Manifesto: ‘It was, it is, and it will be in the hands of the people’ 

For the last 12 years, European grassroot movements for self-determination together with political organisations sharing this same objective, have met and work together on successful initiatives under the umbrella of the International Commission of European Citizens (ICEC). These many shared projects have always had three main objectives:

Press / 12 Jul 2021

Manifest ICEC 10è aniversari: «Era, és i serà a les mans dels ciutadans»

«Era, és i serà a les mans dels ciutadans»

Durant els últims dotze anys els moviments europeus de base per a l’autodeterminació, juntament amb organitzacions polítiques que comparteixen aquest objectiu, han col·laborat en iniciatives reeixides emparades per la Comissió Internacional de Ciutadans Europeus (ICEC, per les sigles en anglès). Aquesta munió de projectes compartits han tingut tres objectius principals:

Press / 14 Jun 2017

ICEC Euskal Herria - Manifesto in support of Catalan referendum


  • any decision on the political relationship with the State belongs to the Catalan people, through a referendum of self-determination.

  • we firmly reject any threat or intervention of the Spanish state to limit the Catalan self-government

  • we formally ask the two parliaments of Euskal Herria to support the Catalan authorities in their process of self-determination, as well as to promote one in Euskal Herria.

Press / 11 Jan 2017

ICEC conference on “The exercise of Self-Determination in the EU” concludes with the Venice declaration.

Since 2009 ICEC has visited the European Parliament many times. Thanks to the people of the NVA and politicians like Mr. Erik de Foort, ICEC has organised many conferences in such a great public European space. ​Last year (December 2015), ICEC organised the 1st part of the symposium focused in “The implementation of Self Determination in the EU”. Sponsored by NVA and BILDU European groups, and gathering academics, politicians and activists, speakers underlining a strong understanding of Democracy. Democracy, not only as a result but mainly as a method of doing politics based on citizenship participation.

Press / 10 Jan 2017

ICEC-Catalonia introduces “Constituïm” and “ANC” into the Belgian and Flemish Parliament.

The spokesperson of ICEC Catalonia, Anna Arqué, is not new to the Flemish and Belgian Federal Parliaments, she has had years of good relations with the social movement VVB and the political party N-VA brought her to both Parliaments in many occasions. This year, the Catalan spokesperson invited Constituïm, a grassroot movement responsible for the current draft project of Catalan Constitution, and the ANC, the most popular social organisation in Catalonia and one of the main actors which agreed with ICEC ‘s demand on getting the official referendum back to the Catalan political agenda. Now announced for September 2017.

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