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Scotland / 05 Oct 2019

March and Rally joined by a group of the Flemish representatives in Edinburgh. Again the opportunity to meet and discuss the different ways each country is working towards the goal.

Scotland / 04 Nov 2017

Follow up from the first Build conference in Glasgow this was an even larger event by the Scottish Independence Convention. Anna Arque spoke on behalf of ICEC and about the events in Catalonia. 



Scotland / 15 Jan 2017

Scottish Independence Convention held the first Build Conference in Glasgow which was to reunite and build the movement in Scotland.

This landmark conference featuring speakers from the independence movement and interactive sessions will explore what needs to be done to win the next...

Scotland / 21 Sep 2013

The year before the referendum date in Scotland another huge rally in support for independence was held on the Mound in Edinburgh. With a stall and ICEC representatives from Sud Tirol, Veneto, Flanders, Catalonia and Scotland present.


Scotland / 20 Jul 2013

Speaking at an event in Rome discussing the future of Sicily and its movement. Shona McAlpine represented ICEC to discuss international partnerships and her experience in Scotland with the women's movement.

Scotland / 22 Sep 2012

ICEC joined thousands at the first march and rally for independence in Edinburgh. This was the build up to the passion and excitement for the upcoming 2014 referendum in Scotland.

This gave the opportunity for all the partner countries the opportunity to talk and hear...

Scotland / 25 May 2012

Launch of the Yes Scotland campaign organisation in Scotland which would be the main campaign organisation for the upcoming referendum in 2014.

Scotland / 23 Dec 2011

The ICEC partners of Flanders, Catalonia and Scotland met in the Scottish Parliament to discuss the organisation and its future plans. The visitors met with various Members of the Scottish Parliament including Humza Yousaf MSP and Christina McKelvie MSP to discuss ways in which countries can...

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