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Catalan countries / 19 Aug 2013

UCE hosts Venetian pro independence political activists Antonio Guadagnini, Luca Polo and Gianluca Valente


Catalan countries / 06 Feb 2013

Collecting signatures in Catalonia in favour of the exercise of the universal right of SELFdetermination

ICEC Intl visits the Catalan Parliament where they introduce the pan european campaign aiming to collect signatures in favour of selfdetermination to the different...

Catalan countries / 12 Feb 2012

In 2012 ICEC (back then EPI) gathered in Barcelona, Catalonia's capital, to hold their 3rd international conference.

The event took place in the historical building of the 'Institut d'Estudis Catalans' during four busy days with a full agenda.

One of the...

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