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South Tirol / 13 Sep 2016

As in previous years, the South Tyrolean Schützenbund was represented this weekend at the Catalan Independence Day "Diada" in Barcelona. Together with hundreds of thousands of Catalans were demonstrated for self-determination. Already on Saturday the marksmen federation was present with a...

South Tirol / 15 May 2016

With white and red flags, thousands of homeland-loving people demanded independence and freedom for their country. The motto was "Iatz", as the Tyroleans express it in the vernacular. The South Tyroleans have a clear goal in front of their eyes, they demand the long-awaited "lot from Rome"! And...

South Tirol / 06 Jan 2016

On December 9, 2015, an international meeting of European freedom movements committed to the idea of self-determination took place at the European Parliament in Brussels. In front of more than 100 European parliamentarians from all political groups, journalists and university professors,...

All politics we do not make will be made against us.

Joan Fuster