South Tyrolean flags in Barcelona

13 Sep 2016

As in previous years, the South Tyrolean Schützenbund was represented this weekend at the Catalan Independence Day "Diada" in Barcelona. Together with hundreds of thousands of Catalans were demonstrated for self-determination. Already on Saturday the marksmen federation was present with a traditional torch procession in the small city Vilafranca del Penedès, on Sunday morning took place a Homage with flower laying down at the monument of the Catalan national hero Rafaele Casanova. In the afternoon, the large rally with hundreds of thousands of people took place.

In addition, on the occasion of the "Diada" there was a meeting of the non-governmental organization "International Commission of European Citizen" (ICEC), the Association of European Freedom Movements, to which the Schützenbund also belongs. This association serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Paul Decarli, the South Tyrolean representative at ICEC, brought here the experiences of the Schützenbund in the context of the Autonomy Convention and the Independence Day in Bruneck. Decarli is convinced that with a good strategy, healthy patriotism and cohesion across borders, it is possible to achieve the goal of ICEC: self-determination for all those European peoples who have been denied it until now.