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Veneto / 15 Dec 2012

ICEC first international meeting in Veneto on self-determination through the calling of a democratic referendum and the international point of view through its representatives

Veneto / 14 Dec 2012

Venetian - Catalan conference in Treviso on self-determination in Europe

Scotland / 22 Sep 2012

ICEC joined thousands at the first march and rally for independence in Edinburgh. This was the build up to the passion and excitement for the upcoming 2014 referendum in Scotland.

This gave the opportunity for all the partner countries the opportunity to talk and hear...

Scotland / 25 May 2012

Launch of the Yes Scotland campaign organisation in Scotland which would be the main campaign organisation for the upcoming referendum in 2014.

Catalan countries / 12 Feb 2012

In 2012 ICEC (back then EPI) gathered in Barcelona, Catalonia's capital, to hold their 3rd international conference.

The event took place in the historical building of the 'Institut d'Estudis Catalans' during four busy days with a full agenda.

One of the...

All politics we do not make will be made against us.

Joan Fuster