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All Together / 30 Mar 2014

Coming together independentists from all Europe to demonstrate in favour of the exercise of the universal right of SELFdetermination at the capital of Europe, Thousands of Flemish, Catalans, Scottish, Venetian, Bascs, South tirolers and so on...  expressed very clearly their understanding about...

All Together / 14 Jul 2011
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After two day of conference EPI (European Partnership for Independence) was founded in Bruges (Flanders) by partners from Catalonia (Anna Arqué, Joan Vives and Lluis Mosella),   Flanders (Steven Vergauwen, Guido Moons, Paul van Cappellen and Bert Dekeyser) and Scotland (Chris White, Shona...

All Together / 12 Jul 2011

On Tuesday 12 July EPI brought a visit at the Flemish Parliament (after a visit at the Belgian chamber and senate) in Brussels (Flanders). 
EPI-delegations from Catalonia, Scotland and Flanders were received by Jan Peumans, president of the Flemish Parliament. A lot of television and radio...

All Together / 10 Apr 2011

On Sunday 10 April 2011 we had our first first press conference. At that moment we acted as EPI (European Partnership for Independence). 
We presented our cooperation plans in Barcelona (Catalonia) during 10A referendum in Hotel Carlos I. 
Participants were for Catalonia Anna Arqué,...

All politics we do not make will be made against us.

Joan Fuster