05 Jul 2022

It is said that mountains separate communities and nations, but mountains can also unite them.  This happened on the night of 2 July 2022, when the Basque and Catalan Peoples held a joint event (Pyrenean Way, Pirinioetako Bidea in Basque and Via Pirinenca in Catalan), an event to light up more than 300 peaks in the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic Ocean (Basque Country) to the Mediterranean (Catalonia), forming a 440-kilometre line of light. A spectacular event, to demand the right of self-determination for Catalonia and the Basque Country, and, by extension, for all stateless nations in Europe.

This initiative was promoted by two pro-sovereignty organisations: the Catalan ANC (Catalan National Assembly) and the Basque GURE ESKU DAGO. Thousands and thousands of Basques and Catalans mobilised on the night of 2 July, and went to more than 300 peaks in the Pyrenees to light them up.

The Basque and Catalan nations share many things in common: the defence of their own language and national identity, the demand for their right to self-determination and their desire for independence, and the fact that they are politically subject to the Spanish and French states. The relationship between Basque and Catalan pro-independence activists has historically been very good, and the solidarity and complicity between them has been reflected in many joint events, the latest of which has been this crowded Pyrenean Way. 

The organisers intended this action to draw the attention of the international community, with three aims in mind:

-to demand the self-determination right for the two nations

-to demand respect for one's own language and culture

-to demand the recognition of all civil and political rights of both nations

Amalur Alvarez, from GURE ESKU DAGO, said during the magical night of 2 July: "Basques and Catalans are showing the world the strength of the people. Every light that is lit tonight on the peaks of the Pyrenees is a star that illuminates our path to freedom and independence".

Dolors Feliu, president of the ANC, said: "This act is the biggest action ever seen in the mountains of Europe. This is a call to the international community, a call for the just cause of peace and self-determination".

The night of 2 July 2022 was indeed another step on the road to independence for the Basque Country and the Catalan Countries.

News in the Basque TV (ETB)