Independence in focus

03 Apr 2017

From April 1 to 3, 2017, a meeting of the board of the non-governmental organization International Commission of European Citizens (ICEC) took place in Barcelona for several days. A delegation of the working group IATZ of the South Tyrolean Schützenbund was also present at this meeting. Other representatives came from Catalonia, Flanders, Scotland, Basque Country and Venice.

Particular attention was paid at the meeting to the upcoming referendum on the independence of Catalonia. In this election, which will take place later this year, the Catalan people will decide on the secession from Spain. The local representative of ICEC, Anna Arquè, therefore spoke of a forward-looking election, which offers a historic opportunity.

The South Tyrolean delegation reported on the ongoing autonomy convention and the great commitment of the South Tyrolean Schützenbund in the context of this convention. Particularly emphasized was the fact that through this commitment the topic of self-determination in the Autonomy Convention became an ever-present permanent topic. This news was joyfully received by the other participants and they wished continued success and energy.

The news of a second referendum on Scottish independence was also joyfully received. This is to ensure that Scotland remains in the European Union after Brexit. Shona McAlpine, spokesperson for ICEC Scotland, emphasized that in the first vote in 2014, remaining in the EU was still used as the main argument against separation.

Furthermore, a review of the second International Symposium on Self-Determination, which took place on January 11 in the European Parliament, was held. This conference was perceived very positively by all participants, be it politicians, experts or the civilian population. It was unanimously decided to continue organizing events of this kind in the future.

Finally, it was decided by all representatives to further strengthen the good contact between the peoples. The aim is to improve the exchange of ideas and projects and to promote the common goal of the right to self-determination.